Alderhaus Yahni BS CL1 A 0:0 Z 0:0 EXC MERIT


Yahni being shown.

*Alderhaus Yahni (15.8.2003 - 28.4.16) 

A grand daughter of Champion Triumphs Kazan (Imported Sweden)

  • Yahni has Hips 0-0 Elbows 0-0 (perfect scores)
  • Show grading of Excellent Merit (highest possible)
  • Yahni has always been graded Excellent in every other show in the Open Class

Placed at 3 Nationals

  • 5th Minor Bitch 2004
  • 6th Intermediate Bitch 2005
  • 7th Open Bitch 2007

Yahni has 4 sons from her first & only  litter to Mika vom Overledingerland - all having hip scores of 6 or less & all Normal 0-0 elbows.
Yahni was a very fit active dog well into her senior years. She enjoyed life and in her younger days she used to help me when I was riding the quad bike whilst I worked the male imports on a leash. Yahni used to run free ahead of us as the boys tried to catch up to her. She got very excited when there were sheep in the paddocks next to the training track. She was a great help to me! Yahni lived to 12 years and 8 months. She had an excellent show career.


S: Pino vom Drei Birkenzwinger S: Fello vom Farbenspiel S: Eros von der Luisenstraße
D: Daggi vom Farbenspiel
D: Aisha vom Drei Birkenzwinger S: Ulk von Arlett
D: Mary vom Drei Birkenzwinger
D: Eisenland Zaska S: Triumphs Kazan S: Triumphs Gucci
D: Triumphs Amy
D: Eisenland Persuasion S: Lesko vom Wildsteiger Land
D: Eisenland Implicit


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