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Homer von Amasis at 4 yrs & 4 mths. Taken March 2015 (above) Awarded 2nd place and Reserve State Sieger April 2015. (Sadly passed away July 2015)
Above: Homer at National Show in May 2013 with Penny & ex owner from Italy. Homer was 4th place in the 18-36 mth male class. 
 Homer von Amasis in Italy - at 11 months (taken Sept 2011) 
A  Near Normal (FCI) ED Normal (FCI) Born 31.10.2010
Homer was shown in Australia in 2012 for:
First and Best Junior in Show & Reserve Best Dog - 10 March 
First Junior Dog S.B.E. - 21 April, Graded Very Good Merit
 2nd Inter. Dog & Reserve Best Dog - 5 May  
9th Inter. Dog at the 2012 National - 19 May     
2nd Junior Dog -  17 June
2nd Intermediate Dog - 1 July
2nd Intermediate Dog - 8 July
2nd Intermediate Dog - 26 August
2nd Intermediate Dog  - 15 September

2nd Intermediate Dog  - 23 September
2nd Intermediate Dog  - 28 October 

Shown in Open Dog from 2013 AND GRADED EXCELLENT EVERY TIME, bar the State Breed Exhibition in April 2013 & 2014, where Homer received the grading of Excellent Merit, which is the highest grading possible, and is only awarded at the State breed Shows held once a year in Perth.

2013 Results

3rd place - 23 March  
3rd place EXCELLENT MERIT - April

2nd place - 19 May 
 4th Inter. Dog at the 2013 National, May (Adelaide)
6th place - 27 October

2014 Results

3rd place - 8th March
3rd place EXCELLENT MERIT - 20 April (State Breed Show)
3rd place - 4 May
7th place - 24 August
2nd place - 3 October   
3rd place - 26 October (Italian President L. Musolino)

Proudly owned in partnership with John & Lee Martens Aimsway Kennels Sydney

Photo above: Homer on the move in Italy Sept 2011 
Photo below: Homer in Quarantine Perth 31st January 2012



Linebreeding - 5 generations

  • 5 - 4   VA1 Ulk von Arlett
  • 5 - 4   VA1 (JPN) SG1 (BSZS) Hella vom Wutachtal
  • 5 - 5   V Verena von Batu
  • 5 - 5   VA1 (I) Hobby vom Gletschertopf
  • 4 - 3   2X VA1 Rikkor von Bad-Boll
  • 4 - 4   VA1 Ursus von Batu


S: Chivas von Bad Boll (4th best male

in Italy in 2010) 

 2nd best male in the world 2008
S: Odin vom Holtkämper Hof
S: Yak vom Frankengold
D: Riska vom Holtkämper See
D: Aike zum Gigelsfelsen S: Kevin vom Murrtal
D: Toska zum Gigelsfelsen
D: Bania del Seprio S: Valium von Arminius S: Rikkor von Bad-Boll
D: Kelly von Arminius
D: Filly del Seprio S: Ghandi von Arlett
D: Gora del Murnighello


Above, Homer's grandsire ODIN vom HOLTKAMPER HOF, World Vice Sieger, VA2 in 2008 in Germany. 
(second best male in the world)

2 photos above, taken when Homer was 20 months old

Above, Homer at 3 yrs at National in Canberra 2014 





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